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So, I played Injustice for the first time today, and I kicked my brother’s ass 2 dozen times after all this bragging,

"I made it to level 12 in one day!"
"I haven’t lost a single game yet!"
"This will be the one fighting game you can’t beat me at!"

I reduced him to tears after discovering that I really love Nightwing’s fighting style, well Nightwing’s and Wonder Woman’s, but mainly Nightwing because he’s hot and I’ve crushed on him for since I was introduced to the premise of Nightwing. Don’t get me wrong, Wonder Woman had some very flawless costumes I could use, but it couldn’t beat Nightwing’s muscled bod in armored tights. Especially with his motorcycle and his acrobatics… and his staff/ves! It was amazing.

But yeah, I kicked my brother’s ass like 12 ways to Sunday and he now knows to never challenge me in a fighting game ever.